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Wendy Turner Lewis graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, with a Bachelor in Arts in 1982. She later attended Howard University School of Law, receiving a Juris Doctorate in 1985.

After graduating from law school, Ms. Lewis completed a clerkship with the Wayne County Circuit Court
located in Detroit, Michigan. Upon completion of said clerkship, she was employed as a staff attorney with
the UAW Ford Legal Services, practicing primarily Bankruptcy Law and representing Debtors in Chapter 7
and 13 cases.

Ms. Lewis later joined the firm Lewis & Munday, P.C. (formally known as Lewis, White and Clay, P.C.)
as a staff attorney in the litigation department where she was primarily responsible for the firm’s bankruptcy practice, which included the representation of many creditors, including General Motors Corporation,
General Motors Acceptance Corporation, The City of Detroit, and American Investment Bank.

Ms. Lewis started a Solo Legal Practice in 1993. In 1998, Ms. Lewis was appointed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee for the Eastern District of Michigan. In this position as a Chapter 7 Trustee, Ms. Lewis hears Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases and reviews said cases to determine if there are any non-exempt assets, which should be liquidated for the benefit of creditors.

Ms. Lewis presently serves as a member of the National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees, Wolverine Bar Association, National Bar Association, American Bankruptcy Institute, and the Consumer Bar Association.
Ms. Lewis’ current legal practice consists primarily of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Proceedings, in the representation of both Debtors and Creditors.

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