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When you contact our offices to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on your behalf with the court, there are
certain documents that we will request that you should bring to your initial meeting. These documents
are the following:

  1. Your picture identification, by way of a Driver’s License, State Identification or a Passport;
  2. Your Social Security Card;
  3. Tax Returns for the past 2 years (if required to file with the government);
  4. Titles to all vehicles, including automobiles, boats, trailers and mobile homes;
  5. Any Lease Statements for Vehicles
  6. Any Lease Agreements for Residence or Rental Property
  7. Current Payoff Statements for vehicles, including automobiles, boats, trailers and mobile homes;
  8. Any and all pertinent real estate documents, including all registered deeds, recorded mortgages, statements for mortgage payoffs, land contracts, property tax bills or notice of assessment statement for the current year and any current appraisals for all real estate ownership;
  9. Any Divorce Judgments;
  10. Recent Pay Stubs (for the past 6 months) any all other sources of income received (if self employed, an accounting of the monies made over a 6 month period of time);
  11. Any Pension or Retirement Account Information;
  12. Stock or Bond Certificates;
  13. Bank Statements for any and all accounts (for the past 3 months)
  14. Any Life Insurance Policies (evidencing the value and whether it is a term policy or a whole life policy);
  15. Any Homeowners Insurance Policies;
  16. Any Business, Company or Partnership Ownership Information;
  17. Any Student Loan Information;
  18. Any Contracts for any debt or lien information;
  19. All bills and debts and/or listing of all creditors, including the name of the creditor, the address for the creditor, the account number for each debt and the amount of debt;
  20. Credit Report(s); and
  21. Executed Bankruptcy Questionnaire (see above).

***In addition to bringing all of the documents set forth above, you should note that we will assist you with getting in touch with a Credit Counseling Agency in order to acquire your mandated Credit Counseling Certificate (before the filing of your Bankruptcy Petition and Schedules with the Court), as well as your Credit Management Course Certificate that you will acquire after the date that your Petition and Schedules are filed with the Bankruptcy Court.

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